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Top selling fabrics

Fabrics that captivate: Klooftique’s top sellers

Shopping for upholstery fabric? With so many choices, it can be hard to pick and choose. Our advice; let your practical needs lead you. Consider how you live and who will make use of the piece. This will help guide you on the type of material that will work best for you. You may love the look of that silky velvet, but if it’s going in a home with kids or pets, it’s going to be damaged. Pieces in high-traffic areas, such as family rooms, dining rooms and waiting rooms will need durable fabrics, while pieces that don’t get as much traffic can sport any type of textile.

For those looking for a little more insight on their fabric options, we’ve put together our top 5 best-selling fabrics and have included all the details.

Mingle Mangle

This is one of our favourites for so many reasons. Not only does the range offer up a fabulous colour palette, but it also has the plus of being a fibre guard fabric. What does this mean? The material has built-in protection and is stain repellent offering up excellent durability and optimum washability. The added bonus is that the fabric is low maintenance, child-friendly and pet-friendly. Given how easy it is to maintain and clean, one isn’t limited to dark colours. Yes, you read correctly; cream, white and pale hues are not out of bounds!

We love the texture and chunkiness of the fabric, which offers up a forgiving finish. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, the last thing we need to worry about is coming home after a long day, flopping on our sofa and not being able to truly relax. This contemporary and comfortable fabric allows for relaxed, hassle-free living. A huge bonus is that in production, the material is Oeko- Tex certified, which means it’s free from harmful chemicals and safe for human use.

Made to last a lifetime and with so many other added benefits, our Mingle Mangle fabric comes in at a fair and affordable price point.


Trends are moving back to opulent warm textured fabrics reminiscent of yesteryear, and Vivant ticks all the boxes. Although a blend of polyester, acrylic and viscose, the fabric has a smooth and soft handle making it an ideal fabric to upholster in. The range is comprehensive in colour choice with the added benefit of not being a flat solid colour – so it plays beautifully with the light giving it a two-tone and two-dimensional appearance. The fabric is easy to clean both professionally as well as by hand (although this should be done by professionals). With a soft velvety finish, this elegant fabric is made to last a lifetime and works well in both contemporary and more traditional applications.


Who doesn’t love velvet? Best described as liquid ink in my mind, velvets are the ultimate statement fabrics – whether used in upholstery or curtaining.  Available in a beautiful, comprehensive range of colours which will not date, Indulgence is 100% polyester velvet and presents a fabric which looks and feels similar to cotton velvet but with the added bonus of being easier to maintain. The richness of colour allows for the fabric to suit any interior space with a carefully curated palette on offer. Besides its feeling and texture, we love the fact that this velvet is not only flame retardant (which means it is suitable for all applications – commercial and domestic), but that the rub count on the Martindale test is excellent, 75,000 to be exact.

The fabric can be hand washed in 30 degrees, making it the ideal material for accessories. The play on light and how the fabric looks so different in different environments adds an amazing contrast. Despite the perception of being fragile, Indulgence is a robust velvet. It is easy to clean (professionally), suitable for any design style, offers a fabulous colour pallet and if looked after correctly, a piece dressed in this fabric is a lifetime keeper, and the bonus, it’s an affordable velvet that won’t break the bank.


Ruby is a lightly textured fabric with a velvet look and a soft-touch set to transport you back to the 19th century. This is a forgiving fabric, a dream to work with and suited for all applications. Available in a wide range of colours to complement any room, the Ruby is indeed an all-time favourite. Easy to clean and with an excellent rub score of 40,000 double rubs, this fabric will last you for generations to come, and best of all, its priced at only ZAR 250 pm and looks like a million dollars made up.

Magic Velvet

The name speaks for itself. A beautifully curated collection of velvet that is a pleasure to work with and exceptionally well-priced. Our Magic Velvet fabric collection is available in 10 colours. Easy on the eyes and suited for both domestic and commercial use as it achieves a 40,000 double rub count on the Martindale. Being synthetic, a piece upholstered in this fabric will probably outlive us.

luxury linen

Create A Sumptuous Sleep Space With Rise And Fall

Foremost, throughout our lives, we spend an average of 26 years sleeping. To add to that, we spend an additional 7 years just trying to get to sleep. That’s 33 years of your life spent in bed!

Knowing that we spend a third of our lives in bed, don’t you think your body deserves the best nights rest?

The secret to a great nights sleep

Your bedding doesn’t just help pull your room together aesthetically; it can also impact your sleep. From texture to material, colour and touch, good quality luxury linen can mean the difference between a blissful sleep and a night spent tossing and turning.

So, here are a few top tips on what to look out for when shopping for your next bedspread:


While most people think that the higher the thread count the more luxury the linen; this is not always the case.

Sheets with a very high thread count allow for little to no air to pass through, trapping all your body heat inside.

So, if you’re looking for a thread count that brings together the perfect combination of smooth, soft, and breathable luxury, we recommend anything between 300 and 400 thread count, especially during the summer months to come.


Avoid synthetic materials and instead choose breathable natural fibres like cotton, bamboo, eucalyptus and silk.


Firstly, have you ever wondered why the majority of hotels use white bedding as their top choice? Apart from being easy to clean, white bedding has a calming effect on one’s mood.

Secondly, personally, we love the simplicity of white linen; it’s fresh, crisp and creates a space of timeless elegance. Another thing we love about white bedding is how it makes other neutrals appear so much more vibrant without being too loud.


Furthermore, considering that your bedding is against your skin every night, don’t you think it’s important to invest in the best quality material?

Choosing your pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers should be as important as choosing your skincare products since that’s what your bedding essentially is.

So, we recommend 100% organic cotton bedding, not only is it great for your skin, its production process is eco-conscious from start to finish.

luxury linen

Introducing Rise & Fall

Klooftique is proud to bring on board the Rise & Fall collection. A bedding brand that has gone above and beyond when it comes to its ethical credentials and luxury comfort.

As a result, it’s perfectly warm for winter nights and light and airy for the upcoming spring months. Our Rise & Fall collection ticks all the boxes.

✔ Made with 100% green energy

✔ Produced without hard chemicals

✔ Recycles 99% of the water used in production

✔ Offers free education to its predominately female factory workers

✔ £3 from every sheet set sale go to Centrepoint (a homeless youth charity)

✔ Offers exceptional comfort at an affordable price

✔ Made from 100% organic cotton

✔Available in 400 thread count

✔ Plastic-free packaging

✔Perfect for sensitive skin

As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy your weekend lie-ins and early weekday nights in a bed of butter-soft sheets. In addition, a cloud-like duvet and pillowcases so soft, you’ll have no problem falling off into a deep and peaceful sleep.

So, what are you waiting for? Set up your perfect night’s sleep with Rise & Fall bedding available now at Klooftique.

klooftique brown leather couch with girl

How Klooftique Began: Our Story

Everyone loves a good story, especially one that shows how something great once started as something small. Most businesses have an “About Us” page but that doesn’t really give the story of how Klooftique came to be. The trials and tribulations of what we’ve accomplished have been quite the journey.

A family business

Klooftique started off as a modest furniture shop. The founders, husband Gerald Furman and wife Beulah Furman started the company in 1973. They had an eye for Cape and Victorian pieces and a passion for restoring something back to its former splendor.

Above all, Gerald and Beulah traveled, sourced and restored furniture from all over South Africa.

To start, Klooftique began with mostly Cape furniture, which included Jonkmanskaste, yellow wood, stinkwood tables, washstands, and Cape country furnishings. The restoration process was done by hand by Gerald and his at the time,  one employee. The two of them restored each piece with care and precision.

Through passion, adventure and a love for bringing life into something once forgotten, this was the start of Klooftique. It was also the start of our recycling path. The Klooftique family has always aspired to the philosophy of reducing, reusing and recycling. We use materials from sustainable resources, recycled goods and focus on fair trade and responsible production.

From strength to strength

Over the years we’ve grown, starting from a small second-hand shop to expanding into a showroom of 200+ metres.

As a family run business, Gerald’s son, Jarome Furman was hands-on, sharing a passion for creating something great. At a stage, he had been collecting Art Deco sofas and chairs and restoring them for clients. There was a demand in the ’90s and 2000s for restored Art Deco furniture. In addition, when Jarome bought the company from his parents, he changed the focus from Cape and Victorian furnishings to Art Deco pieces. Jarome had storerooms filled with the most amazing pieces just waiting to be restored.

Seasons change

It was a great success. However, interior décor trends are forever changing and over time Jarome moved out of the Art Deco trend and into a new phase. His wife, Marianna Furman, joined the business. Together they slowly shifted focus from restoration and progressed into what it is today – manufacturing new furniture.

Our first workshop was on site (in the building where our store is still located today), where our craftsmen and women applied their skills. With time, the need arose for us to move into larger manufacturing premises.

The present

So, Klooftique, as it’s known today, underwent a change from restoring to creating. The change was slow. The brand didn’t change, just what was sold. The ethos, our transparency and our value for selling luxury furniture pieces at affordable prices remained the same. Most importantly, the family stayed the same too. We are the second-generation Klooftique located at the same premises for over 45 years and counting.

The brand we’ve built is not a franchise with stores countrywide, and it’s not a chain store where products are imported from overseas. We are local. In other words, every piece of furniture that we sell is handmade by our skillful workers.

A big thank you goes out to our amazing followers and customers for supporting us and allowing us to do what we love. In conclusion, without you, none of this would be possible.

pantone colour of 2018 modern furniture

Pantone Has Revealed The Colour Of 2018

Pantone has revealed the colour of 2018… an uplifting hue of ultraviolet. According to Pantone, the “dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.” And at Klooftique, we can just imagine the jaws that will drop at the sight of ultraviolet modern furniture in a home!

“We are living in a time that requires inventiveness and imagination,” Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute explains. “It is this kind of creative inspiration that is indigenous to Pantone 18-3838 ultraviolet, a blue-based purple that takes our awareness and potential to a higher level.

From exploring new technologies and the greater galaxy to artistic expression and spiritual reflection, intuitive ultraviolet lights the way to what is yet to come.” Ultraviolet takes modern furniture to a new level. Prince would be proud!

How have you incorporated ultraviolet into your home? Don’t be intimidated by the bright shade – when used sparingly, it will only add personality to your home.

Set up a consultation with us so that we can help you create the stylish, welcoming home you deserve. You can visit us at 87 Kloof Street, Gardens or call us on 021 424 9458. Alternatively, you can also shop our range of products through our online store, right here. Or, follow us on Instagram at @klooftique for design inspo!

klooftique furniture store velvet couch

Why Klooftique Furniture Store Is One Of A Kind

Klooftique focuses on creating your perfect home with bespoke, locally-made furniture. From lighting to couches to chairs to tables, we do it all. Our master craftsmen and women, located right here in Cape Town, each bring a unique skill to their craft. When we combine this with years of experience as a furniture store, this is what makes a Klooftique item truly one of a kind. Ever heard the saying, “You’ll never get this anywhere else”? Well, that’s Klooftique. Looking for a pink velvet three-seater couch with black leather arms? We can do it. No challenge is too high or too crazy for Klooftique.

We know there are a number of franchised furniture stores both online and in Cape Town, however, you’re not a one-size-fits-all kind of person. You’re bespoke, just like Klooftique.

Set up a consultation with the Klooftique furniture store so that we can help you create the stylish, welcoming home you deserve. You can visit us at 87 Kloof Street, Gardens or call us on 021 424 9458. Alternatively, you can also shop our range of products through our online store, right here. Or, follow us on Instagram at @klooftique for design inspo!

Take a look at our collections on our online store to give you an idea of what we can do for you!

brown leather couch furniture makers

The Klooftique Team Thanks Shehaam

Today we celebrate the individual furniture makers that work behind the scenes to bring our bespoke sofas to life. We have a host of furniture makers, seamstresses and more that we’d like to give thanks to, and today we are looking at Shehaam, one of our seamstresses. We’d go as far as saying we’ve got the best furniture makers Cape Town has to offer!

At Klooftique, we appreciate quality when we see it. Meet Shehaam, she’s been a seamstress and one of our respected furniture makers at Klooftique for 13 years. Thanks to her skillful hands, each piece is meticulously stitched before it’s ready for upholstering. Take a look at our collection of couches, sofas, chairs and more to notice some of Shehaam’s beautiful work. One thing that Klooftique takes pride in is tailoring bespoke furniture for each client’s palette. From size to colour to texture to style, Shehaam listens to it all and takes it in before she begins her work.

Set up a consultation with us so that we can help you create the stylish, welcoming home you deserve. You can visit us at 87 Kloof Street, Gardens or call us on 021 424 9458. Alternatively, you can also shop our range of products through our online store, right here. Or, follow us on Instagram at @klooftique for design inspo!

grey leather chair

Home Accessories And Tips For Small Spaces

Home Accessories and Top Tips For Small Spaces

  1. Decorate with Mirrors:

Interior designers often place mirrors strategically in small places in order to make them feel larger. One of the most common tips for small spaces is to hang a large mirror in a central location to create a focal point. This will help to reflect light and add good ambiance. If possible, position a mirror across from your window so it will reflect the view and give the illusion of another window.

  1. Draw the Eye Upward:

A room has a vertical dimension as well as a horizontal one. If your living room has a high ceiling, make the most of the extra space by decorating it in a manner that draws the eye upward. Floor-to-ceiling drapes are a stylish way to accomplish this goal. Another thought is to fill the vertical space with a mix of small to midsize artwork pieces. This technique will make the room feel larger than it actually is, because it invites the eye to roam beyond the eye-level horizontal space that may feel confined.

  1. Use Neutral Colors for a Small Living Room:

One of the most popular small living room ideas is the use of neutral colors on walls, floor, ceiling and furniture upholstery. A palette of off-whites or beiges will expand the space by appearing to push back the walls. Soft hues also tend to illuminate a room by reflecting light. In addition to enlarging an area, a neutral palette imparts instant sophistication and creates a calming environment.

  1. Choose Furniture with a Lightweight Appearance:

Consider the visual weight of the furniture piece. This concept refers to the perceived heaviness of an object based on size, color and design. Pick out pieces that have a lightweight appearance, as heavier ones will seem to constrict a space. Opt for pale colors over darker ones, and select pieces that have legs while avoiding those that are boxy. Glass coffee or end tables will take up less visual space than wooden ones because you can see through them. Any furnishings that don’t obstruct views will make an area seem more open.

  1. Select Small-Scale Furniture:

A list of small living room ideas would not be complete without the recommendation to select furniture that won’t overpower the room or appear to dominate the space. A sofa with thin arms and a tightly upholstered back is preferable to one with substantial arms and a multi-cushion back. If space is tight, you could do without a couch completely, either choosing a loveseat or opting to position four chairs around a coffee table. When picking out chairs, consider armless ones because they will take up less space than a model with arms.

You need more information?

Please feel free to give us a call or come and visit our showroom in Kloof Street, Cape Town.

Klooftique: 87 Kloof Street, Cape Town

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home decor tips

Five Easy Home Decor Tips

At Klooftique, we understand that designing a home’s interior can be overwhelming. However, there are easy ways to tackle the challenge of interior design. Take a look at these quick, one-liner home decor tips from the experts at Klooftique.

  1. START WITH YOUR COLOR SCHEME. Choose up to three colours that compliment one another, then choose one pop of colour – something bright that you only use once or twice throughout the space to add that personality.
  1. PUT INVESTMENT PIECES FRONT AND CENTER. You spent the money for a reason – because its a statement piece. Now, show it off!
  1. WARM UP A ROOM WITH MIRRORS. Mirrors create the illusion of a much larger space. They also allow for more natural light. Add value to your space by adding mirrors.
  1. LET SPACE SIZE DICTATE FURNITURE PLACEMENT. There’s no point in having a gigantic three-seater sofa in a tiny living room. Measure your  space before going shopping!

We hope these home decor tips have been helpful in starting your design journey.

You need more information?

Please feel free to give us a call or come and visit our showroom in Kloof Street, Cape Town.

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light brown leather chair metal trim

Why Leather Furniture Is The Best Kind Of Investment

Why Leather helps to create heirloom (investment) furniture

  1. Leather is four times more durable than fabric, so don’t worry about having pets and children around it. Just like a leather jacket or shoes, good leather furniture gets better with age.
  1. Aniline leather is dyed in a drum, which allows the dye to completely soak through for a rich, deep color. No protective coating is added, and it’s the softest and most expensive leather.
  1. Semi-aniline (protected aniline) leather is also dyed in a drum and has a small amount of coating applied, giving it slightly better protection against stains and fading than aniline leather.
  1. For pigmented leather, color is applied to the surface, not dyed through and through. And while the color isn’t as rich, it’s finished to provide greater protection against scratches, stains and fading. These leathers are less expensive and usually aren’t as soft as dyed leathers.
  1. Unlike upholstery, the color of your leather piece doesn’t make a difference when it comes to regular maintenance. Just use a damp cloth to remove dust.
  1. Look for leather upholstery with zippered seat cushions. While the leather can last decades, the seat cushion may not and you’ll want easy access to get it refilled.
  1. Leather takes on the temperature of your body within 12 seconds, so the notion that leather is cold is a myth.
  1. When considering price, remember that a leather sofa that is looked after, will last more than a lifetime.


You need more information?

Please feel free to give us a call or come and visit our showroom in Kloof Street, Cape Town.

Klooftique: 87 Kloof Street, Cape Town

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light grey velvet chair quality upholstered furniture

What Makes Up Quality Upholstered Furniture?

Quality upholstered furniture starts with its construction – that’s what any good furniture maker will tell you. So how does Klooftique make their furniture pieces last a lifetime? Here’s our process…


You probably won’t have the luxury of seeing the raw frame of the sofa or chair you’re interested in, so ask about it’s construction. Upholstered furniture that is built with good hardwood, doweled, screwed and glued frames will increase the longevity of the piece, and keep it from getting creaky over time. The quality of the construction will to a large degree determine the lifespan of the furniture.


It seems pretty obvious but many people don’t realize that a lot of manufacturers offer different cushion options. When choosing a cushion, think about what makes you most comfortable while using the sofa or chair. Remember that different cushions require different maintenance too. A down fill, for example, will need to be fluffed each time you’re done using it. Don’t be mesmerised by the design and forget functionality.


Every manufacturer has dozens of fabric options. Go to a store with a design in mind. Do a bit of research upfront. Know what you want and don’t let the prolific options distract you: keep your eye on the prize! It really comes down to color, content, and texture. Once you know your color scheme, find a fabric that is made of the right materials for your needs. Fabrics with a high content of synthetic fibers will be inherently more stain resistant and durable. If you have little kids or pets this becomes really important. Also, look for a fabric with textured as it makes daily wear-and-tear less visible.

You need more information?

Please feel free to give us a call or come and visit our showroom in Kloof Street, Cape Town.

Klooftique: 87 Kloof Street, Cape Town

Tel: +27 21 424 9458

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