Coming Full Circle

This month marks one year since we posted our blog post, titled “Our Next Step” (read it here: ) in which we spoke about our plans to redo our showroom, return to our Klooftique Core and the importance of sustainability.

While we’ve faced many challenges, we look back on the last year with gratitude and content.

Our goal for the year was to strip away the excess and get back to our raw form; a sobering experience, but one we’re immensely grateful for. Necessity is the mother of invention, after all.

In the next few blogposts, we’ll be sharing some of our exciting collaborations, our revamped showroom that allows for a more boutique shopping experience and our extensive new range of products.

We’re featuring three of our favourite new designs to kick off the next Klooftique season;

Sleigh Media Unit: R19 995.00


Minimalist Bar Cart: R7 995.00


Minimalist coffee table: R6 995.00

We have so many exciting projects and collaborations on the horizon and can’t wait to share them with you.