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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the natural leather hides dyed?

During the dyeing stage, the various natural leather hides receive their first exposure to colour. In other words, they are soaked in aniline dye, a translucent dye that goes through the hide to bring out its natural markings.

Why does a hide appear lighter in some areas, and darker in others?

The cell structure of each hide determines how the dye is absorbed. Loose areas of skin for instance, take in more dye and appear darker. As a result, there are colour differences in each hide. Leather’s natural markings and colour variations are part of its natural, individual beauty. These subtle shading changes confirm the quality of the leather.

What’s the best quality leather?

That depends on your definition of “quality.” Traditionally, full aniline has been regarded as the best leather due to its soft hand and natural beauty. It’s the most expensive due to the rarity of the hides. However, families may prefer Aniline Plus leathers. Aniline Plus keeps the soft feel of full aniline but has additional stain-resistant properties. They are the best choice of leathers for high-energy households where accidents are common.

What does pure aniline mean?

Firstly, pure aniline is leather that gets its only colour from translucent aniline dyes. No opaque pigments have been used to colour the leather. Generally, it means the most natural and therefore most expensive leathers.

What is the softest leather?

Pure aniline leathers are the softest to the touch and have been processed the least. These natural leather hides boast the highest quality.

How do I care for my new leather furniture?

You can dust once a week, and wipe monthly with a cloth dampened with water to care for your leather furniture. For more information, see our Care and Cleaning section.

What is the most durable leather for families?

Our aniline plus leathers are a good choice for families who use their couch a lot. They have been finished with a topcoat that boosts stain-resistance properties. However, if you have your heart set on pure aniline, it’s okay for families too. This leather will gain a patina from use as the stains become absorbed into the leather.

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