Five Easy Home Decor Tips

At Klooftique, we understand that designing a home’s interior can be overwhelming. However, there are easy ways to tackle the challenge of interior design. Take a look at these quick, one-liner home decor tips from the experts at Klooftique.

  1. START WITH YOUR COLOR SCHEME. Choose up to three colours that compliment one another, then choose one pop of colour – something bright that you only use once or twice throughout the space to add that personality.
  1. PUT INVESTMENT PIECES FRONT AND CENTER. You spent the money for a reason – because its a statement piece. Now, show it off!
  1. WARM UP A ROOM WITH MIRRORS. Mirrors create the illusion of a much larger space. They also allow for more natural light. Add value to your space by adding mirrors.
  1. LET SPACE SIZE DICTATE FURNITURE PLACEMENT. There’s no point in having a gigantic three-seater sofa in a tiny living room. Measure your  space before going shopping!

We hope these home decor tips have been helpful in starting your design journey.

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