Home Decor Tips For Upholstered Furniture

Leather or fabric? Cotton or velvet? These are questions you may be asking yourself when decorating your home. Use Klooftique’s home decor tips to help you make your decision!

  • You can specify the degree of softness of your sofa seat if you have it custom-made. Otherwise, take the time to try out every sofa until you find the one that seems most comfortable. Note that sleeper sofas tend to be harder, more rigid, and heavier than other types of sofas.
  • Upholstery fabric should be upholstery-weight velvet, tapestry, woven wool, leather, or another heavy-duty material.
  • If you’re choosing a fabric, look at fabrics available in all price ranges. Compare the thread count for density. The greater the density, the stronger the fabric. A quick test of density is to hold the fabric sample to the light. The less light that passes through, the denser and therefore stronger the fabric is.
  • Your sofa and chairs don’t need to be the same style or covered in the same material. They should have compatible styles and coordinating coverings, for the sake of unity. To flank a sofa, for example, pick two side chairs in different styles such as a shield back covered in identical fabric. The effect offers both unity and diversity.
  • For longevity, choose neutral-colored upholstery coverings in durable materials. Neutral colors never go out of style. Add a dash of color with patterned pillows. If you choose a distinctive pattern for your sofa and chairs, the pattern should match at the seams and align on the pillows and skirt (if there is one) to create an unbroken pattern.
  • Sofa pillow edges should align smoothly, without gaps between pillows or the sofa back and arms.
  • Make sure the frame of the furniture is sturdy. The sofa shouldn’t flex in the middle when it’s lifted by the ends.
  • All exposed wood parts should be smooth, without any discernible marks or blemishes.

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