How To Choose The Right Sofa Cushion

You’ve had that sofa or chair for 20 years and it looks like it has to go. The seat is sagging, the cushions are lumpy, the upholstery is shredding, and even the cat is over it. There are endless sofa cushion options available. Now that you’ve decided on the sofa shape, here are some basics to help you choose the right cushions.

1. All-Foam Cushion

Although manufacturers may vary on the specifics a bit, they can all agree that there are three choices for your sofa cushion. The first choice is the all-foam cushion. This is usually constructed of a high-density foam core covered by a softer layer of foam, and then a polyester fibre wrap, all enveloped in down-proof ticking (which prevents feathers from poking through). This is the cushion of choice if you like a very firm seat and you want the fewest possible wrinkles in the fabric.

2. Spring Down Cushion

These are almost always the second choice when it comes to cushions. Made from a core of coiled springs, surrounded by a foam box and wrapped in a thick layer of polyester fibre, this is the second-softest cushion available. This is then fitted into a down-proof cover filled with a blend of down and polyester fibre. The springs provide a resilient feel, and the little bit of down adds a touch of softness and loft that only down can give.

3. Down Plush, or Blendown

The last basic choice for a cushion is a down plush, or blendown. It is the softest and most luxurious cushion available. These are constructed with a thin foam core wrapped in a thicker layer of polyester fibre. Finally, this is wrapped in an even thicker layer of a down and poly-fibre blend. Because of its relatively thin foam core and a greater proportion of down, it really feels and acts like a pillow. As you sit on it, it will flatten and change shape a bit, and it requires fluffing every time you sit on it to restore the loft and proper dimension. It’s definitely not for the person who can’t be bothered with all that maintenance. For the way, it feels it may be worth the effort.

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