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For as far back as written history is recorded, it has been found that we human beings have put leather to good use. In addition to being worn as clothing, it is likely that the first ever leather furniture was an animal hide tossed on the ground for warmth and comfort. What is it about leather that makes it just as practical and desirable today?

Leather is sustainable

Being a natural product leather is, in itself, sustainable.Leather hides are available as a by-product of the world’s meat and dairy industries. In 2022, this resulted in the availability of about 300 million hides, globally*. As crazy as it seems, due to economic factors, more than 10% of these leather hides from the USA are reported as already having made it into landfills. It makes sense that the more leather we use and reuse, the less is wasted.

Leather is durable

Leather is durable and hard-wearing. Its naturally tough yet flexible qualities make it resistant to tears and punctures, and it remains strong around stitched seams. Its durability means that leather furniture is a great investment and can last for a lifetime – becoming heirloom pieces that are handed down to children and grandchildren.  

Leather is biodegradable

Untanned and tanned leather are both totally biodegradable. A variety of tanning methods can affect the decomposition process. However, the final product remains biodegradable, even if it takes longer. Testing has found that regular cured leather takes around 40 to 50 years to decompose in a suitable environment.

Leather is naturally beautiful 

Not only is leather sustainable and durable, it has a natural beauty that gets better with age. ‘Leather patina’ is the term used to describe the slow transformation in colour and appearance to high-quality leather’s surface over time. A good patina will have a slight sheen to it, and a richer appearance.  

Leather is versatile

Leather furniture is particularly versatile and, aesthetically, has a timeless appeal. Whether you live in the city or the country, are interested in a creating contemporary look, or a rustic farmhouse feel, have a bunch of lively kids, or a whole host of pets, leather furniture will fit your space and your lifestyle, beautifully. 

Source: https://chooserealleather.com/sustainability/fact-check-is-leather-really-a-by-product/#:~:text=Worldwide%20the%20waste%20figure%20is,%2C%20into%20usable%2C%20durable%20goods.

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