Klooftique & Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For the month of October, we were fortunate enough to collaborate with Breast Cancer Awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness month. For each sofa or arm chair sold to our wonderful clients, Klooftique donated a Comfort Box to BCA.

These comfort boxes are given to women undergoing treatment for breast cancer and are filled with small comforts like lip balms, washcloths, socks, hand lotions, facial wipes, bars of soap and various other goodies.


At the end of October, we will be announcing how many comfort boxes we were able to donate through the continued support of our valued clients.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this incredible initiative in making these formidable women’s road to recovery a little easier.

The start of summer has us feeling energised and inspired, which is why we’re back to moving our showroom and constantly filling it with new pieces and fresh designs.

What better way to introduce freshness and life into dull spaces, than by filling it with gorgeous greenery?

Did you know that having plants in your home can boost your mood, help you concentrate and be more productive? They even assist in absorbing toxins in the air, increasing humidity and producing oxygen.
A most-searched feature on our Google search currently is Atrium Plants, which stock pet & child friendly plants in an extensive range of sizes and prices and we’re obsessed!

Visit their amazing online store in the link below;


*Image via Atrium Plants website

The end of October is fast approaching and with it, the closing of our order books for orders to be completed in 2020. We urge all our clients who are thinking of ordering pieces for the festive season to pop in or get in touch with us to avoid disappointment.

This month, we will be featuring one of our favourite summer recipes; Bocconcini, fresh basil and baby tomato pasta. As simple as it is delicious, this is one of our go-to dishes on a gorgeous summer’s day.

2 x tubs of Bocconcini
1 x punnet sweet rosa tomatoes, sliced in half
1 x large handful of fresh basil leaves
1 x large glug of olive oil
Salt and pepper
Rummo rigatoni or similar short, fat pasta shape

Boil salted water and add pasta. Cook according to instructions on packet. Drain the bocconcini and cut into smaller pieces.
In a separate bowl, mix the bocconcini, tomatoes, basil, salt and pepper and add a generous glug of extra virgin olive oil.
Allow the flavours to merge for approximately 20-30 minutes.
Once the pasta has cooked, drain the water and in a large bowl, add the bocconcini mix.
Add additional olive oil and season to taste