Ordering a Klooftique sofa – A Complete “How-To” Guide


We are so happy to be back in our showroom! The last two weeks have been wonderful and we are very grateful to our existing and new clients for their continued support.
We’ve found that some clients are still a little unsure about what it is we do, so we’ve decided to do a complete “how-to” guide on ordering a Klooftique heirloom piece.

Each Klooftique sofa is handmade – from the building of the solid South African Pine sofa frame, cutting of the fabric to suit each sofa’s individual pattern, to upholstering the sofa itself.
The manufacturing of each Klooftique piece is done almost entirely by hand by our skilled artisans – many of which have been with Klooftique for more than 20 years.
Unlike mass manufactured furniture imported in bulk, no two Klooftique pieces will ever be exactly the same – one of the many reasons why a Klooftique heirloom piece is so very special.


1) Get in touch with Justine (shop@klooftique.com) or Katherine (showroom@klooftique.com) about which piece you are interested in. If you are unsure, then you can send them images and dimensions of your space and they can make suggestions based on that. It is important to note that just about all of the Klooftique designs can be manufactured as an armchair, two seater, three seater, daybed or corner unit.
2) Once you have decided on a design, you can specify the size that you’d like. If you are unsure about which size will work in your space, then our team are able to make recommendations based on the size of your space.
3) All our pieces are available in a comprehensive range of fabric and leather. The leather options can be viewed on our website under “ABOUT” or be viewed in-store. As our fabric range is so extensive, we recommend clients give us an indication of the texture and colour they’re interested in and we can then make recommendations based on that.
4) Once we know which design, size and fabric/leather our client would like, we can then quote accordingly.

1) We require a 60% deposit as confirmation and once the payment has been receipted, the order is placed with our factory.
2) All pieces carry an estimate lead time of 8 weeks. This may seem like a long time, but do bear in mind that all Klooftique pieces are manufactured from scratch, by hand. We have weekly production meetings with our factory and provide our clients with estimate dates of completion approximately 4 weeks into production.
3) Once your order is complete, we will send you the confirmation, so all the necessary delivery/collection arrangements can be made.

1) All Klooftique sofas carry a 10 year guarantee on the sofa frame.
2) Klooftique does not have an in-house delivery service – this service is outsourced to a third party. We will always ask our clients whether they’d like us to obtain a quotation for this service on their behalf or whether they’d prefer to arrange their own delivery.


For this week’s recipe, we decided to feature Deone van Sittert’s traditional sugar cookie recipe. This has become a staple in our staff’s kitchen, because they look great and are SO easy to make!


250g x Butter
375g x Sugar
2 x Eggs
5ml x Vanilla Essence
500g x All-purpose Flour
5ml x Baking powder


Preheat the over to 180 degrees celcius.

Mix the butter and sugar together thoroughly, then add the sugar, vanilla and salt to the mixture. Slowly introduce the flour and baking powder and blend until smooth. Roll the dough out onto a clean surface (sprinkling flour onto the surface will prevent the dough from sticking to it) with a rolling pin and, with a cookie cutter, cut out the shapes that you want.

Place baking paper on a clean over tray and place your cookies on it – bake for 10 minutes.

You can make your own, fun variations by adding chocolate chips, coconut, nuts, nougat etc to the mixture.


The Klooftique Team