Klooftique started off as a modest furniture shop founded by husband, Gerald Furman, and wife Beulah Furman back in 1973. To start, Klooftique began with mostly Cape furniture, which included Jonkmanskaste, yellow wood, stinkwood tables, washstands, and Cape country furnishings. The restoration process was done by hand by Gerald and his at the time,  one employee. The two of them restored each piece with care and precision. Through passion, adventure and a love for bringing life into something once forgotten, this was the start of Klooftique.

Decades later, Klooftique has grown from a small store based in the heart of Cape Town selling antique furniture, to a successful online store and an authority in home decor selling bespoke furniture in Cape Town. Despite the many years gone by and the evolutions of Klootique, one thing has remained the same: We are still a family-run business with a focus on quality, bespoke furniture for your home or office. The brand we’ve built is not a franchise with stores countrywide, and it’s not a chain store where products are imported from overseas. We are local. Every piece of furniture that we sell is handmade by our skillful workers.

If you’re looking for bespoke furniture in Cape Town, visit our store in Kloof Street, Gardens. If you’re located anywhere else, browse through our ranges and shop online!



Sit back and relax. We offer bespoke furniture solutions, styled to suit your comfort and (life)style.



Each one of our chairs embody elegance and luxury. However, Klooftique never compromises on comfort and usability.



Our handmade tables provide the perfect foundation to uplift every living room.



We accentuate our pieces using a variety of breathtaking art and accessories. All of which, are expertly curated to compliment each custom-made furniture piece.

Set up a consultation with us so that we can help you create the stylish, welcoming home you deserve. You can visit us at 87 Kloof Street, Gardens or call us on 021 424 9458. Alternatively, you can also shop our range of products through our online store, right here. Or, follow us on Instagram at @klooftique for design inspo!

Featured Products


    Parisian Romanticism; Finding Stillness and Appreciation in a Loud World

    Regarded as one of the most important historical events, the Romanticism movement was a gathering of poets, writers, artists and philosophers whose ideas and works changed the way many of us view the world today – turning many of us into Romantics.

    As the world around us becomes more fast-paced and louder each day, many are finding solace in the stillness.

    Klooftique found its humbled beginnings in restoring old, forgotten pieces; recognising their potential while at the same time having a deep appreciation for their origins. It, therefore, makes complete sense that we return to these roots

    In a market inundated with mass-produced pieces,  Cape Town Leather Chairs offer an exceptional range of rare, vintage designs. While many are hand-selected restorative projects, other designs have been manufactured by the Cape Town Leather Chairs and Klooftique family for more than a quarter of a century.

    Each vintage chair manufactured or restored by Cape Town Leather Chairs is upholstered in distressed timeless leathers, which often tell a story all on their own. Each piece is therefore not only unique but will only improve with age.

    The exclusive range of Cape Town Leather Chairs can be viewed in the Klooftique Showroom. With many of the vintage pieces having sold not long after their arrival, his makes for a constant rotation of exceptional design.

    Visit our blog again later this month to hear all about our trip to Paris and all the beautiful and exciting things we saw.

    Here’s a sneak peek;

    The legacy of meticulous craftsmanship

    As we enthusiastically embrace Spring and prepare for the bustle of Season, we find renewed inspiration in the hues and textures we’re greeted by every time we visit our factory.

    We appreciate the strength of working with natural products, because a natural product will do what it naturally does; its beauty lies in its unpredictability. What better way to celebrate that than combining rare hides, rich in character, with hand-turned, solid timber feet and strong frames to create the Vintage range.

    The Vintage furniture range is manufactured by Cape Town Leather Chairs – exclusively for Klooftique.

    *The Spencer chair: R10 995.00


    *The DC10 chair: R11 995.00

    The Vintage range aligns perfectly with the Klooftique ethos; recognising the beauty of imperfection and giving it new life by crafting sustainable heirloom pieces.

    The Vintage range by Cape Town Leather Chairs can be viewed in the Klooftique showroom or on the Klooftique website;



    87 Kloof street


    Another classic Klooftique design that’s made a comeback is the LOOP chair, popularised by the Shaun fabric range, which is currently on promotion at R6 995.00 (full retail: R8 995.00).

    The LOOP promo has been so successful, that we’ve decided to extend the promotion to the end of September and is available in 6 different colours.












    As we look forward to longer, warmer days filled with leisurely strolls and the scent of sand and sunscreen in our noses, let’s remember to wear our masks, maintain social distancing and treat each other with kindness and empathy.

    Coming Full Circle

    This month marks one year since we posted our blog post, titled “Our Next Step” (read it here: https://klooftique.com/furniture-stores-cape-town/ ) in which we spoke about our plans to redo our showroom, return to our Klooftique Core and the importance of sustainability.

    While we’ve faced many challenges, we look back on the last year with gratitude and content.

    Our goal for the year was to strip away the excess and get back to our raw form; a sobering experience, but one we’re immensely grateful for. Necessity is the mother of invention, after all.

    In the next few blogposts, we’ll be sharing some of our exciting collaborations, our revamped showroom that allows for a more boutique shopping experience and our extensive new range of products.

    We’re featuring three of our favourite new designs to kick off the next Klooftique season;

    Sleigh Media Unit: R19 995.00


    Minimalist Bar Cart: R7 995.00


    Minimalist coffee table: R6 995.00

    We have so many exciting projects and collaborations on the horizon and can’t wait to share them with you.

    New Arrivals

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