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Parisian Romanticism

Parisian Romanticism: Finding stillness and appreciation in a loud world

Regarded as one of the most important historical events, the Romanticism movement was a gathering of poets, writers, artists and philosophers whose ideas and works changed the way many of us view the world today – turning many of us into Romantics.

As the world around us becomes more fast-paced and louder each day, many are finding solace in the stillness.

Klooftique found its humbled beginnings in restoring old, forgotten pieces; recognising their potential while at the same time having a deep appreciation for their origins. It, therefore, makes complete sense that we return to these roots

In a market inundated with mass-produced pieces,  Cape Town Leather Chairs offer an exceptional range of rare, vintage designs. While many are hand-selected restorative projects, other designs have been manufactured by the Cape Town Leather Chairs and Klooftique family for more than a quarter of a century.

Parisian Romanticism
Parisian Romanticism
Parisian Romanticism

Each vintage chair manufactured or restored by Cape Town Leather Chairs is upholstered in distressed timeless leathers, which often tell a story all on their own. Each piece is therefore not only unique but will only improve with age.

The exclusive range of Cape Town Leather Chairs can be viewed in the Klooftique Showroom. With many of the vintage pieces having sold not long after their arrival, his makes for a constant rotation of exceptional design.

Visit our blog again later this month to hear all about our trip to Paris and all the beautiful and exciting things we saw.

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