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Ceramic Wax Melter

    Ceramic Wax Melter


    The Wax Melter

    A handcrafted ceramic vessel featuring a minimalist, matte aesthetic & superior wax melting experience. 

    Watch delicate plumes of steam billow out from the melting bowl, scenting your space with generous wafts of fine fragrance.

    A large, removable bowl holds a good volume of wax and allows for easy cleaning.

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    Best For

    • Strong fragrance & quick scent release
    • Larger rooms, open plan spaces, reception & entertainment areas
    • Switching scent regularly

    Directions for Use

    Place 2-4 blocks of WICK scented wax melts into the melting dish. Insert a standard tea light candle in the bottom opening & light. The wax melts will release generous wafts of fine fragrance as they gently heat over the ceramic wax melter. Remove the ceramic dish and wash with warm, soapy water to clean. Do not dispose of wax down the sink.

    The Details

    Removable wax bowl | 10cm x 10cm x 1.8cm

    Handmade in Cape Town


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