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Change is as good as a holiday.

Change is as good as a holiday.

And we’re taking both.

You may have heard the whispers that we’re closing. And while, yes, we have sold our premises on 87 Kloof Street, we are not closing. Not at all. We are expanding, growing, and innovating. We are taking a giant leap so that we can stay not 1 but 100 steps ahead in this ever-changing world. 
Looking back. Moving forward.
Fifty years. Fifty amazing, inspiring, exhausting, creative, innovative, show-stopping years. Fifty years of imagining, conceptualising, and designing stand out, heirloom pieces that bring quality and magic to our customers’ homes, offices, businesses, and hotels, locally and abroad. Now, it’s time for a change. Fresh minds and thinking, for a future that’s oh-so-bright, we can barely handle the sparkle. 
Goodbye Kloof Street. Hello Possibility.
Our Kloof Street store is closing on 14 June 2023. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t get your hands on Klooftique designs. Orders will be taken. Sales will go ahead. Design will continue. Our online store will be your #1 shopping destination. Then, when we’re ready, we’ll welcome you into our new home and uncover what plans we have in store. 
Back with a vengeance.
“So, what’s next?” you may ask. It’s time to let our imaginations soar as we draw inspiration from the beauty of nature, the vibrancy of urban landscapes, and the rich tapestry of diverse cultures. We’re going to bring a fresh perspective to product and concept development, bespoke designs, and collaborations, all this, while we search for a new physical space to call our own. But first: a holiday.
Klooftique is not closing. This is not the end. This is a new beginning.
A new era. So get ready. 
Marianna, Jarome, and your Klooftique family.

A couple of questions.

Where is Klooftique going? 
We’ll be going online until we open at our new location. 

Where is the new store? 
You’ll just have to wait and see. 

Where can I see other fabric or leather options? 
Where possible, we will arrange and post cuttings to clients at a minimal cost. Alternatively, collections can be arranged from any of our leather or fabric suppliers.

Will Klooftique still offer customization?
Yes! Let’s chat on sales@klooftique.com.

What happens if I need to have my furniture repaired or restored? 
We are not re-upholsterers or restorers but we can assess each request and advise on what is possible through one of our trusted suppliers.

Can I still order online even when you are ‘away’?
Yes, yes, yes! Our online store and production is going full steam ahead.

What will the lead times be?
Unless we have the product in stock, it will still be our standard 40 working days.

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